DVDs and Blu-ray discs are now available for online purchase!  Here is the link to order:  THE LIBERATOR DVD/BLU-RAY

Theatrical viewing licenses, which allow group screenings, are also available for purchase.  Please email RedAbbeyProductionsllc@gmail.com for more information.  

The filmmakers are quaint, if not old-fashioned, and recommend screening THE LIBERATOR with a group of friends shoulder-to-shoulder in a theater or other suitable venue.  Blend with Irish beverages to enhance conversation and camaraderie.

It's easy to arrange an enjoyable event for your group. By purchasing a Theatrical Screening License for a flat fee, the Licensee may screen the film before an audience up to a pre-determined size. A DVD or Blue-ray will be shipped, and the Licensee will have up to 12 months to screen the film. An admission may be charged, and the Licensee retains all proceeds.

Please email RedAbbeyProductionsllc@gmail.com for additional information.
Yes!  The film has been honored with several festival awards.
StoryQuest Video is the production company run by our amazing cinematographer and editor, Jake Schmiedicke.

Immensely talented and dedicated to the art and craft of cinematic storytelling, Jake helps businesses, non-profits and individuals communicate their message through compelling and end-to-end video production. In short, he makes brilliant films and videos and is a joy to work with.

Visit his website below to learn more and get in touch.


Yes!  Please visit our IMDb page for streaming options.

The Liberator IMDb​​​

There is no official rating, but it would probably be a PG for a brief description of violence and brief depiction of violence in a duel.
Please email RedAbbeyProductionsLLC@gmail.com with questions.