Produced in association with StoryQuest Video, THE LIBERATOR is an original,  full-length, independent film based on the life of Ireland's Daniel O’Connell.   Sweeping yet intimate, this true story traces O’Connell’s rise from the dirt floors of a peasant cottage in Kerry to the marble steps of the Palace of Westminster in London.

 ' Armed only with faith, wit and eloquence, Irish champion Daniel O’Connell leads a peaceful rebellion against English tyranny that ends 300 years of exile from Parliament.  But when the ultimate prize – Ireland’s nationhood – comes within his reach, will The Liberator remain true to the path of peace? '

     THE LIBERATOR features over two hundred amateur collaborators drawn from a community of talented volunteers dedicated to telling the story of their forbears in faith.  Please visit IMDb - The Liberator for additional information.

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